Some of the benefits of the network activities are related to their characteristics:

  • The development and technology transfer occurs effectively.
  • It gathers knowledge of the concrete problems of the region.
  • It joins a group of specialists who have advisory capacity, with an integrated approach in all aspects of monitoring and forecasting hydrometeorological systems and early warning systems.
  • It is a valuable platform to support for development assistance actions

The events, that are organized regularly, and the disseminated material over the Internet, contribute significantly to:

  • Capacity building, training and public education

Through coordination meetings, the following facts have been noted:

  • There is an effective cooperation based on supporting among members
  • The implemented multidisciplinary approach provides improved understanding of issues relating to the role of each one
  • There are important individual improvements of network members that they transfer to their institutions
  • Improvements in operational aspects of the represented institutions have been detected

In addition, several aspects of the pilot projects must be mentioned:

  • Pilot projects are interesting as demonstration cases of approaches, methodologies and diagnostics.
  • Some specific solutions for real problems are being tested.
  • The exchange of knowledge and experiences through Internet discussion forums and the activities of the various working groups.
  • Strengthening of institutional cooperation and capacity building are important benefits at regional, national and local levels.