PROHIMET uses different kinds of action in order to fulfill its goals, which are, mainly:

  • Organization of workshops and training courses
  • Preparation of dissemination material and to provide free access to it
  • Development of pilot projects as demonstration cases
  • Creation and maintenance of an Internet forum: the members constitute electronic discussion groups
  • Organization of working groups on specialized topics


Promoting projects was one of the initial objectives of the network and it has been one of his achievements. The pilot experiences as demonstration cases are especially interesting actions in the field of international cooperation

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Working groups

The network copes with many topics, so the establishment of working groups, specialized in certain areas, is considered convinient. The outcomes of these activities are disseminated through this website.

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Since 2005, several events have been organized at several countries. Most of them include a course (set of presentations, by members of the network, aimed at training) and workshops (set of presentations on a specific topic followed by discussion sessions). They also include time slots for open discussion sessions. These events include participants from the host country.

Just before or after the activities described in the previous paragraph, the PROHIMET coordination meeting gathers the members for showing, discussing and deciding on issues related to network performance.

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Links with other actions

Ibero-American Program for Cooperation in Meteorology and Hydrology

This program is funded by AEMET, Spain's national weather service (previously called National Institute of Meteorology), through the WMO. It depends on Conference of Directors of National Meteorological and Hydrological Iberoamerican Services (CIMHET, and focuses efforts on institutional development, training of human resources and consolidation of operational management.

This program takes into account PROHIMET since 2007, and it covers most of the costs of network events since 2009.

Training program associated with the Conference of Ibero-American Water Directors

Since Seventh Meeting of the Conference of Ibero-American Water Directors and Third Meeting of the Working Group of the Water Initiative of the European Union (EUWI-LA), which took place in Antigua (Guatemala) on April of 2007, references to the network were included in the training plans.

Thus, as stated in the memorandum of the IX Conference of Ibero-American Water Directors (CODIA) held on 19 and 20 June 2008 in Madrid and Zaragoza, respectively: " 2. PANEL SESSION III TECHNICAL SUPPORT CONFERENCE ... 2.1. Collaboration Training Programme on Water and Climate extremes .... Brazil, the Coordinator of this area, proposed a course of 40-44h, to be implemented by a selected institution with the collaboration of the iberoamerican networks that have participated in the drafting of the proposal, such as Ibero-American Network on monitoring and forecasting of hydrometeorological phenomena (PROHIMET)."

World Meteorogical Organization (WMO)

WMO, through its Hydrology and Water Resources Program, supports PROHIMET actions like the pilot projects.


Associated Programme on Flood Management

The Associated Programme on Flood Management is a joint initiative of WMO and the Global Water Partnership (GWP). It promotes the concept of Integrated Flood Management (IFM) as a new approach to flood management (

Some of the network members are linked to this program and, in the context of several PROHIMET actions, they promote their approaches.